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Group Classes

This course is designed to help you establish the confidence and knowledge that you need to have a happy, balanced, and obedient dog living amongst your household and out in the real world with distractions. I will help you to become a better handler and communicator with your dog as well as to teach you how to encourage your dog to revolve around and have more focus on you. You both will develop a better level of mutual trust and respect, thus paving the way to establishing pack leadership. We will use positive reinforcement and motivation techniques throughout the course. Most importantly, prepare to have FUN over the next 6 weeks! For this course, your dog will learn the following exercises and commands in a group setting, and be expected to perform them on a 6 foot leash at minimum: • Look/Watch Me – Attention • Sit (verbally and with hand signal) • Down (verbally and with hand signal) • Stays: Differentiating Sit/Stay, Down/Stay & Wait • Heel (Walk properly to the left of handler on a loose leash ) • Automatic Sit: Dog must sit when handlers stops heeling • Come: Dog should come when called, Fronting the handler I will give you all of the tools you need to achieve a reliable “come when you call”, but you must practice! In addition, we will cover things such as house manners, socialization, proper praise and correction. Open discussion at the end of each class…time permitting. • Remember, it is very important that you practice these exercises and commands covered throughout each week every chance you get, even if only for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, 1 or more times per day. • Training tool options and supplies will be discussed and demonstrated at the 1 st Group session.

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