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Private Training Session

This session is part of a structured training program which is designed to educate pet parents while creating a natural line of communication that will build a stronger bond between you and your dog(s). Many behavior issues will disappear as a result of you understanding what "pack leadership" really is. Depending on your goals as to what you hope to achieve through training, the following topics should be addressed in order of importance to you, as a dog parent... * Pack Leader "status" in dog owners (mutual trust, respect & love). * Traditional Basic obedience commands: • Look/Watch me • Sit • Down • Proper Leash Etiquette (Choosing the proper tool best suited for you) • Place • Stay • Come * Family dynamics - Dogs, children and or babies. * Good doggie manners including: • No jumping on people or furniture • No mouthing/biting • No bolting through doors • No excessive barking • Leave it! / Drop it! * Guidelines for housebreaking if you have a puppy * Proper socialization, how to manage your dog in public, dog park etiquette. * Providing adequate exercise, discipline, love and affection. * Pack integration… adding a new dog to the mix * Confidence in dogs who seem fearful or aggressive. * Confidence and assertiveness in dog owners. * Treadmill training: Allows for exercise in a temperature controlled environment

  • Through prepaid package

    1 hr

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