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Training with your dog is an investment in his/her future like education is for us. Commitment to this process as a dog parent is key. We all know that practice makes perfect, and if you practice with consistency it will bring joy and success to your everyday life with your furry companion(s).

The bond with your dog will be undeniable, accompanied with mutual trust and respect.

Every person and their dog present a unique training experience. I pride myself in giving you exactly what you want and need from our training sessions. The expectations are different for most everyone, because of that nothing is off limits. If it is a concern and is on your mind, please make mention of it so that I can help to address it. 

When it's all said and done, most pet parents just want a well-mannered dog that they can be proud to take out in public and have around friends and family without being embarrassed of naughty behavior.  I for one do not think that this is too much to ask for. 

Happy dog sitting in a feild of purple flowers Image by Jamie Street
Denise Kramer-Cole with her dog Cheyenne

A little more about Denise...

Before coming into my current passion of training dogs and their pet parents, I spent almost 20 years in retail management. I learned a great deal from people and I sympathize with all of their unique situations.

Though born in Chicago, Illinois I lived most of my life on the central east coast of Florida. Currently I reside in Las Vegas, NV with my amazing husband of almost 10 years and our Hungarian Vizsla “Cheyenne” who is 8 years old.

I absolutely love living here and being a desert brat! Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston are our own personal playgrounds in the desert. Yes, we love to hike! Outside of my time training dogs, both my husband and I love to play pickleball! If I’m being honest…our dog Cheyenne loves being in the Pickleball environment too.

Dog giving a high five
Hungarian Vizsla dog silhouette against a setting sun on a rocky moutain

I have been training dogs since 2003. It's been 20 years now and I love it just as much as when I first started this journey. The first year and a half was strictly hands-on training and experience through a professional training facility in Florida. This opportunity allowed me to eventually start my own business which has been going strong since May of 2005.

Since the start of this business it has presented me with the opportunity to work with and train more than 1,500 dogs in the southeast Volusia County, Florida area. Since moving to Las Vegas, NV I have worked with at least 2,000 more. I suppose that I qualify as a Master of my trade now, having more than 35,000 hours of experience and I still enjoying every minute!

Many of my clients say that I am a Dog Whisperer. While I sincerely take that as a compliment, there is only one Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. Having been blessed with the gift of patience allows me to be an excellent communicator with both people and dogs. The ultimate goal is to ensure that you, as your dog’s pet parent learn how to read and understand your dog as I do so that you can have a happy and balanced life with your canine companion.

Denise Kramer-Cole with her dog Cheyenne

My expertise in dog training includes hands-on experience in many different areas including basic obedience, advanced/off leash obedience (with and without e-collar exposure), family dynamics with dogs and children, pack integration, treadmill training, swimming, obedience and rally obedience competition, conformation competition, therapy dog training, and agility. Having experience in so many different areas of training helps me to better understand how to communicate with dogs and their humans.

3 dogs sihouette during sunset

Let me help you to make the most of the time you do have to spend with your canine companion(s). It is not so much about the "quantity" as it is the "quality" of the time that you do have. I for one can appreciate the precious value of one's time.

Learn to fulfill the instincts of your dog (as the animal and breed) and you will experience the relationship of a lifetime as your dog(s) will only want to return the favor by pleasing you and receiving praise for a job well done… That’s where I come in!

What Our Happy Clients Say

Understanding our abused rescue dog

We’ve used Denise for 3 of our dogs with great results. She was able to help us understand our abused rescue dog and teach him how to live in a loving home. She also helped us reel in the energy of our young Labrador. Also, she helped us teach our foster dog good manners so that he will get adopted. I highly recommend Denise! She is excellent!!!

Brandon Stark, 2023

Buck and Dexter with Brandon Stark Trained by Denise

Lasting results in 5 sessions

"I used AKA Dog obedience training when I first moved to Las Vegas five years ago and I couldn't be happier with the results. Denise at AKA Dog Obedience was patient with both me and my dogs and willing to work around my physical disability to help me be successful in training my dogs. I was convinced that my dogs would be the worst behaved any trainer would ever see, but with patience and practice AKA Dog Obedience Training got me lasting results in 5 sessions. If you are looking for excellent dog training, I highly recommend AKA Dog Obedience."

Stacy Keller, 2023

4 dogs trained by Denise

Incredibly adaptive trainer

Thanks for helping imprint basic obedience techniques into Joey, and especially for helping us come up with a creative way to exercise together! Denise saw the 3 wheeled motorized contraption in my garage and asked if it worked. Joey was high strung and needed more exercise than I could provide in a walk. This was a win-win for us both! I established my role in pack leadership and Joey got more exercise.

Dorothy, 2006

Dorothy with Joey trained by Denise


So informative!

Denise provided us with, as far as I'm concerned, an unrivaled service and education concerning the proper techniques with which to motivate and train our Great Dane puppy, Hodor. Was an absolute pleasure to work with. 10/10. Would recommend her to a friend in a heartbeat!

Sergey, Maya & Anthony K.

Maya & Anthony with Hodor Trained by Denise


Dog and people trainer

Denise is a wonderful dog trainer and an even better people trainer, which is really where the results happen! I have used AKA Dog Obedience Training since 2017, just a couple months after I adopted my dog. She taught me the confidence needed to lead my pack. My dog and I are a great duo thanks to Denise’s awesome skills.

Alison White, 2017

Alison with Bruno  Trained by Denise


Knowledgeable in breed specifics

Denise clearly understands dogs and their behaviors. She offers a variety of services including private and group training sessions. Denise is knowledgeable in breed specifics which enhances her personalized approach with her clients. She was recommended to me by a neighbor. She has a professional demeanor and was on time for sessions at my home. I have a very bright energetic border collie puppy. I was having trouble asserting proper leadership. She is so positive and encouraging. Denise was quick in assessing problem behaviors (mine) and teaching a variety of obedience training skills. I enrolled in both group and private lessons. In just a few sessions Denise gave me the tips and tools needed to help me maximize and achieve the most fulfilling and rewarding relationship with my dog. She offers pack walks for clients, so I am taking advantage of those as well. It feels like one big canine social group. I definitely will continue with advanced training opportunities with Denise. Her methods really work!"

Michele Watkins, 2015

Michele W. with Chaser Trained by Denise


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