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Private In Home Training to Establish:

  • Leader of the Pack "status" in dog owners
  • Traditional Basic obedience
  • Walking properly on the leash(no pulling or lunging)
  • Good doggie manners including:

NO jumping on people or furniture

NO mouthing

NO bolting through doors

NO excessive barking 

  • Guidelines and tools for housebreaking
  • Proper socialization and dog park etiquette
  • The importance of balance by means of exercise, discipline, and lastly...affection.
  • Treadmill training
  • Confidence in dogs who seem fearful or aggressive
  • Confidence and assertiveness in dog owners
  • Most recently... E-Collar training for

Advanced obedience and off leash control

AKA Dog Obedience Training

My personal dog "Cheyenne" working hard to please! She is an eager and very smart 1 year old Vizsla learning the basics.

  • Please provide me with your zip code via email, phone or by submitting your information on the client info submission form found in the Contact Info tab so that I can provide you with an accurate quote.

"I can make your canine companion look like a super star, but what's the point if once I leave your home and YOU cannot maintain the same results? My goal is to teach YOU so that you can enjoy the commitment of a life time with your

dog(s). You owe it to yourself and to your canine companion(s) to be the leader of a balanced and happy pack!"

Call, email or fill out the Contact Info form to get more information and set up a consultation

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