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AKA Dog Obedience Training

Be the leader of your pack


Years of Experience


Doggos in Florida


Doggos in Las Vegas

Denise will provide measurable results in obedience and in the reconditioning of behavioral problems that affect your everyday life with your dog(s). 

Denise Kramer-Cole

Hello Pawrents!

I'm Denise, I believe that dogs of all ages, breeds, male or female, have the ability to learn, and most undesired behaviors in dogs have the ability to be modified or rehabilitated.

Allow me to help you and your dog(s) in living your best lives together. 

Why Choose Denise?

Hungarian Vizsla dog running

Tailored Training

Let's work together to give you exactly what you want through the training process. I respect that no two humans nor dogs are the same. So why would your training experience be the same as everyone elses? Reach your goals through private lessons or group classes.

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20 Years of Experience

I have successfully trained more than 3500 dogs, mostly dogs just like yours, and even a few celebrities' dogs. Basic obedience, socialization, adding a new new pack member... I've got you covered. Are you ready to have the have the best relationship with your pup?

Happy parents with little daughter and cute Labrador dog on yellow background

Family Dynamics

Many families are a diverse combination of many beings. Humans and animals of all species technically form a pack. Understanding the dynamic of your pack is extremely important to help your dog adjust to your home environment and grow with it. 

experience living in harmony...
have the happiest, healthiest and most balanced life with your dog(s)


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This is the opportunity for us to meet and ensure that we are a good match to work together in helping you to reach your goals with your dog(s). It allows me to observe you and your dog in your natural element (your home setting) and present you with a plan of action to help you achieve your goals.

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Training Packages

Structured training programs designed to educate pet parents while creating a natural line of communication that will build a stronger bond between you and your dog(s). Many behavior issues will disappear as a result of you understanding what "pack leadership" really is. 

Puppy running towards camera in a warm setting

Gift Card

What a wonderful gift to give someone you care about! Maybe they just adopted a dog and are struggling to find their groove as a new pet parent. Or maybe they are struggling with some behavior issues with a dog they’ve had for a while. The gift card can be used towards both consultations and/or training sessions.

Love My Clients

What Our Happy Clients Say

Incredibly adaptive trainer

Thanks for helping imprint basic obedience techniques into Joey, and especially for helping us come up with a creative way to exercise together! Denise saw the 3 wheeled motorized contraption in my garage and asked if it worked. Joey was high strung and needed more exercise than I could provide in a walk. This was a win-win for us both! I established my role in pack leadership and Joey got more exercise.

Dorothy, 2006

Dorothy with Joey adaptive dog training


Understanding our abused rescue dog

We’ve used Denise for 3 of our dogs with great results. She was able to help us understand our abused rescue dog and teach him how to live in a loving home. She also helped us reel in the energy of our young Labrador. Also, she helped us teach our foster dog good manners so that he will get adopted. I highly recommend Denise! She is excellent!!!

Brandon Stark, 2023

2 well mannered dogs sitting on floor

Lasting results in 5 sessions

"I used AKA Dog obedience training when I first moved to Las Vegas five years ago and I couldn't be happier with the results. Denise at AKA Dog Obedience was patient with both me and my dogs and willing to work around my physical disability to help me be successful in training my dogs. I was convinced that my dogs would be the worst behaved any trainer would ever see, but with patience and practice AKA Dog Obedience Training got me lasting results in 5 sessions. If you are looking for excellent dog training, I highly recommend AKA Dog Obedience."

Stacy Keller, 2023

4 well mannered dogs sitting down

So informative!

Denise provided us with, as far as I'm concerned, an unrivaled service and education concerning the proper techniques with which to motivate and train our Great Dane puppy, Hodor. Was an absolute pleasure to work with. 10/10. Would recommend her to a friend in a heartbeat!

Maya & Anthony K, 2014

Maya & Anthony with Hodor well mannered dog


Dog and people trainer

Denise is a wonderful dog trainer and an even better people trainer, which is really where the results happen! I have used AKA Dog Obedience Training since 2017, just a couple months after I adopted my dog. She taught me the confidence needed to lead my pack. My dog and I are a great duo thanks to Denise’s awesome skills.

Alison White, 2017

Bruno the good dog


Knowledgeable in breed specifics

Denise clearly understands dogs and their behaviors. She offers a variety of services including private and group training sessions. Denise is knowledgeable in breed specifics which enhances her personalized approach with her clients. She was recommended to me by a neighbor. She has a professional demeanor and was on time for sessions at my home. I have a very bright energetic border collie puppy. I was having trouble asserting proper leadership. She is so positive and encouraging. Denise was quick in assessing problem behaviors (mine) and teaching a variety of obedience training skills. I enrolled in both group and private lessons. In just a few sessions Denise gave me the tips and tools needed to help me maximize and achieve the most fulfilling and rewarding relationship with my dog. She offers pack walks for clients, so I am taking advantage of those as well. It feels like one big canine social group. I definitely will continue with advanced training opportunities with Denise. Her methods really work!"

Michele Watkins, 2020

Chaser the well mannered dog


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