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05/24/2005  Deanna of Port Orange, FL

Luna: 5 mo.old Mixed Breed

-Puppy/Basic Obedience

Toby: 1yr.old Blk/Tan Doberman Pinscher

-Basic Obedience

“Thank you for helping us to be better mannered through obedience training….and, it was so much fun!"

03/22/2006 Sue & Joe of Port Orange, FL

Howie: 3 mo.old

Bassett Hound

-Puppy/Basic Obedience

“Now we can actually enjoy going on walks with Howie! Thanks so much Denise.”

10/18/2006 Dorothy of South Daytona, FL

Joey: 1yr. old White German Shepherd

-Basic Obedience & Specialty

“Thanks for helping imprint basic obedience techniques into Joey, and especially for helping us come up with a creative way to exercise together!”

04/13/2007 Dorothy of Daytona Beach,FL

Heidi: 5mo.old S&P Mini Schnauzer

-Behavior Modification

“Thank you for helping us to have a better understanding of canine behavior. We misunderstood Heidi (our Schnauzer) until Denise came along, and for that matter Denise helped us to realize that we also room for improvement with Hanz our Cocker Spaniel. We are all grateful…especially Heidi & Hanz!”

08/24/2007 Gordon of Ormond Beach, FL

Lucy: Hound Mix

-Behavior Modification

-Basic Obedience

"Can you say 'Dog Whisperer' ? That would be Denise. My Lucy was an emotional mess after an abusive few early years landed her at the shelter. I adopted her and took her to Denise. Not only did Lucy learn all of the basics, but Denise brought her out of her shy, un-confident shell......getting rid of the 'belly to the ground' slinking around my house, submissive peeing, fear of men and made her a generally overall MUCH more confident, fun-loving, obedient pet. Her tag to this day says 'best mutt ever'....thanks in large part to Denise and her efforts. Thx, D !"

04/03/2008 Hal of Port Orange, FL

"Denise certainly has a way with dogs. I adopted a year old German Shepherd mix from the Halifax Humane Society a year ago. It took another year for me to come to the conclusion that life would be better for both of us if he had some obedience training. Denise quickly ascertained how to best train him, and then went about doing just that. One cannot expect miracles in just 8 hours of training, but he has certainly come a long way in such a very short time, and it was money well spent."

04/13/2009 Elaine of New Smyrna Beach, FL

Shanti: Havanese

-Puppy/Basic Obedience

-Specialty (Canine Good Citizen)

"I initially worked with Denise when my Havanese was four months old. Denise helped me train her to perform basic commands. When Shanti was two years old Denise worked with us again to 

make Shanti a Canine Good Citizen. Denise is an AKC recommended trainer for this wonderful program which requires a dog to demonstrate proficiency in ten behaviors which will make a dog a pleasure to be around. Shanti was Denise's first CGC graduate! With the groundwork provided by Denise I have continued her obedience training. I am very proud of her and receive many compliments on her good behavior. I recommend Denise to any dog owner who wants a well behaved dog. And, I strongly recommend that all dogs become Canine Good Citizens."

04/09/2011 Janice of Port Orange, FL

Brooks: Miniature Schnauzer

-Basic Obedience/Behavior Modification

"Denise was a lifesaver! I was at the end of my rope with my new puppy when my breeder suggested I give Denise a call. From the first phone call she put me at ease,after our first session I knew I had the right trainer! Denise is professional,enthusiatic and extremely 

knowledgeable in her understanding of dogs ( and their owners).I was amazed at how quickly Brooks responded and was eager to learn more. I would highly recommend her services. I now truly have "woman's best friend"!

03/28/2011 Tambria and Bob of South Daytona, FL

Cory: Black Cocker Spaniel

-Behavior Modification

"Denise was great! We saw a big difference in both dogs after one lesson! After the third session they were like different dogs. When our son came home to visit, he remarked on how calm the house felt. Thank you Denise!"

02/25/2012 Carmen of Las Vegas, NV

Charlie: Miniature Pinscher Mix

-Behavior Modification

-Pack Leadership

"I had a great experience with Denise. My dog Charlie absolute loved her, (he is not the most loving dog with other people outside the family) but he used to wait for her by the door for 

our scheduled sessions. He is doing great at home. Outside, still barking at everything that moves, but I guess it is his temperament and personality. I absolutely recommend her training services."

01/07/2013 Tammy of Las Vegas, NV

Charlie Brown: Rat Terrier

-Pack Leadership

-Behavior Modification

"Denise is very professional as well as personable. My dog, Charlie Brown, liked her right away and so did I. She helped us with "the walk" and we are still working on fear of big dogs. Her 

prices are reasonable for one to one training and worth it. I would highly recommend her to all people with animals."

01/14/2013 Melanie of Las Vegas, NV

Zephyr: Golden Retriever

-Pack Leadership/Basic Obedience

"They say a dog is a man/girl's best friend and on most days I know this to be true. But, when my BF (new Golden Retriever puppy) and I were learning to get to know each other I was lucky 

enough to connect with Denise. Denise enthusiastically came to our rescue with great, practical information and was generous with her time and knowledge. I'm certain my Golden was relieved to see someone there to help his owner get with the program. Thank you!"

08/12/2013 Greg & Alesha of Las Vegas, NV

Bama: Rottweiler

-Pack Leadership

-Puppy/Basic Obedience

"My wife and I were very pleased with the services of Denise during our 6 week training class. We saw drastic improvements in our dog "Bama" in a short period of time. She was truly a 

pleasure to have in our house and exceeded our expectations of what we thought we could accomplish with our “Furry Baby”. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for the best dog trainer in Las Vegas!

Thanks Denise!"

07/29/2014 Stacy K. of Las Vegas, NV

Lily: Terrier Mix

Levi: Terrier Mix

-Pack Leadership

-Basic Obedience

"My 2 terrier mixes needed help with rushing the front door, walking appropriately on leashes and basic manners. I was immediately impressed with Denise. Her techniques are effective and 

quickly address the specific needs of each dog. I have a physical disability and Denise was able to adapt her training to help me be successful with my dogs. I couldn't be happier! The positive results after only one session were impressive. If you are looking for a friendly, reliable, honest and affordable dog trainer, I highly recommend Denise's expertise.

Thank You!

Stacy K. 

10/15/2014 Sergey, Maya & Anthony of Las Vegas, NV

Hodor: 1 yr.old Great Dane

-Pack Leadership & Basic Obedience

"Denise provided us with, as far as I'm concerned, an unrivaled service and education concerning the proper techniques with which to motivate and train our Great Dane puppy, Hodor. Was an absolute pleasure to work with. 10/10. Would recommend her to a friend in a heartbeat!"

Anthony K.

03/16/2015 Dana & Daisy of Las Vegas, NV

Daisy: Miniature Labradoodle

-Pack Leadership

-Puppy Basic Obedience (Private & Group classes)

"I started with Denise when my puppy, Daisy, was about 9 weeks old. We met weekly for 8 weeks. Denise was extremely helpful in helping me establish my role as pack leader, which in turn, has helped me be a better pet parent. I highly recommend Denise for anyone looking to establish a strong relationship with their pet."

Dana W.

04/03/2015 Deedee & Delilah of Henderson, NV

Delilah: 6 mo. old Maltese

-Pack Leadership

-Basic Obedience

"We had such an amazing experience with Denise! Even our Maltese looked forward to seeing her every week! Denise is so positive and never gets frustrated. She took our crazy super hyper puppy and turned her into an amazing obedient happy dog! I just didn't think it was possible!"

Dedee O

05/29/2015 Michele & Chaser of Las Vegas, NV

Chaser: Border Collie

-Pack Leadership

-Behavior Modification

-Basic Obedience (Private & Group classes)

"Denise's clearly understands dogs and their behaviors. She offers a variety of services including private and group training sessions. Denise is knowledgeable in breed specifics which enhances 

her personalized approach with her clients. She was recommended to me by a neighbor. She has a professional demeanor and was on time for sessions at my home. I have a very bright energetic border collie puppy. I was having trouble asserting proper leadership. She is so positive and encouraging. Denise was quick in assessing problem behaviors (mine) and teaching a variety of obedience training skills. I enrolled in both group and private lessons. In just a few sessions Denise gave me the tips and tools needed to help me maximize and achieve the most fulfilling and rewarding relationship with my dog. She offers pack walks for clients, so I am taking advantage of those as well. It feels like one big canine social group. I definitely will continue with advanced training opportunities with Denise. Her methods really work!"

Michele W.

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